Tahini Salad – Salata Bil Tahini RAMADAN

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A beautiful fresh salad mixed in with the perfect tahini sauce. Drown it with the best olive oil and dip it with bread, or simply enjoy it with a spoon. This pairs so well with with breakfast foods or seafood. Make it. You won’t regret it!


Units Scale

2 Persian Cucumbers

2 Large Tomatoes

1 Bunch Parsley

3/4 cup Tahini

1/3 cup Lemon Juice

2/3 cup Water

1 tbsp Yogurt

1/2 tsp Salt

Olive Oil


Finely dice your cucumbers and tomatoes. If you don’t want to do it by hand, SO many people love this chopper.

Finely mince your parsley. Mix it in with the cucumbers and tomatoes.

In a large measuring cup, add your tahini and salt. Whisk it in then add the lemon juice. Whish again. The mixture will thicken a lot. Add the water and mix till smooth. Add the yogurt and mix again.

Pour this mixture over the salad and mix evenly. Taste and adjust for salt or lemon juice. Thin down with a little water if needed. Every tahini brand is different, so it may slightly vary.

Drown in olive oil and enjoy with fresh pita bread or just a spoon!