Petit Four Butter Cookies

Petit Four

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The softest melt in your mouth butter cookies. Stuff them with nutella and enjoy one of the best cookies you’ll ever have!


Units Scale

1/2 cup Softened Butter

3 tbsp Vegetable Oil

100 grams Granulated Sugar

1 Egg

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

250 grams Flour

80 grams Cornstarch

1/2 tbsp Baking Powder

Fillings and Toppings of Choice


Using a paddle attachment or a handheld mixer, beat the softened butter, oil, sugar, egg, and vanilla until you get a thick fluffy cream.

Add the dry ingredients and mix till incorporated into a soft dough.

Using a cookie press, press out your cookies onto a bare sheet pan. Bake at 355 F for 14-20 minutes or until golden brown. This will vary from oven to oven so start keeping an eye on them at 10 minutes and just make a note of how long it takes to bake them.

Once they’re fully baked allow them to cool almost completely on the pan. Shift them slowly so you don’t break them.

Match each cookie with a pair and line them up for filling. I typically put them side by side with one pair facing down and the other up so I can easily fill and then top them.

Refrigerate any jam filled cookies and enjoy within a few days. The cookies will get softer as they sit so try to stuff them the day you want to enjoy them. You can store the empty cookies in a ziploc or sealed container for up to 10 days before filling them.


You can use any fillings and toppings you choose. I typically do raspberry preserves and nutella with pistachios and coconut. Get creative with your fillings. Use a piping bag or ziploc with the corner snipped to make filling them easier. After I fill amd sandwich, I dip the raw filling edges into ground pistachios or coconut.

I rarely do recipes with gram measurments because for some reason people think cups are easier. This recipe is extremely precise. This will ensure you always get the exact butter soft cookie. Just make sure to zero you scale appropriately before measuring anything. Trust the process and don’t add more flour. The dough will be soft, but as long as your hands are dry and you mixed the wet ingredients completely in, it shouldn’t be sticky.